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Sometimes you just have to persevere

I have an auction Tuesday, June 18. Normally, I send flyers out to persons on my email list about a week before, post a listing and pictures online about two weeks before and send an ad to our local paper … Continue reading

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You need a great team

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net I believe it was John Maxwell I first heard say that if your dream is too small for a team your dream is too small.  Many small businesses began as a one-person show, but eventually the owner of a … Continue reading

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Competitors or colleagues or both

I haven’t posted much the past few days as I was getting ready for an auction I had on May 21. In addition to my own auctions, I’ve been working for other auctioneers as well. Last week I worked for two … Continue reading

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How to better serve your customers

In 1947 the Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street was released. It has been a seasonal favorite ever since. In the movie the real Santa Claus is hired to play Santa at Macy’s Department Store. The movie has several plots going on … Continue reading

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What can small businesses learn from yard sales?

If I have some spare time on Friday or Saturday mornings I’ll hit a few yard sales to find items to sell at auction or for my personal use.  Sometimes one can find some amazing buys at a yard sale.  … Continue reading

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Making things work

Several months ago The USS Enterprise arrived at Norfolk, Virginia after making its final deployment.  The first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, it was the oldest active duty ship in the Navy.  It’s reactors were shut down and the ship will … Continue reading

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Character and Leadership

 FreeDigitalPhotos.net There are two things required of someone who seeks leadership:  competence and character.  While both are important the character of a person is often a better predictor of long term success than competence.  Robert Clinton, professor of leadership at … Continue reading

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