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Just make a decision

Several years ago the last organization in which I worked was having to make a decision that would reflect a change in the way it had been operating. A small group was assigned to brainstorm some possible ways to make this … Continue reading

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Discuss value, not price

When I owned a heating and air conditioning business we had several models to offer our customers. The brand we primarily sold offered everything from a basic system to high-efficient systems with all the bells and whistles. There was very … Continue reading

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Never give up on your dreams

Earl Nightingale’s radio broadcast “Our Changing World” was broadcast on more than 700 stations across the United States and Canada and heard by over one million people. He spoke on subjects such as human development, success, motivation, and excellence. One … Continue reading

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You don’t have a problem

The past couple of weeks have been quite stressful. I was struggling with a career decision that had been presented to me. For several days I wavered back and forth uncertain which way to go. I knew I could provide … Continue reading

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Success is a choice

Rick Pitino is one of the most successful basketball coaches of our time. He is the only coach to take three different schools to the NCAA Final Four and the only one to lead two schools to win the NCAA … Continue reading

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Make better decisions

I just finished reading Decision Points by George W. Bush. It was an interesting look at his eight year presidency through his own eyes. He didn’t attempt to cover all the events that occurred during this time but wanted to show … Continue reading

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Focus on what you can control

Time is always in short supply. This is true for everyone and especially those in leadership positions. So many things demand our attention. At the end of the day we often feel like a stray dog at a whistler’s convention. … Continue reading

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