At nearly every auction there will be some who have never attended an auction before. Some of these folks feel somewhat intimidated because they’re not sure what to do. Let me help ease some of your concerns about attending an auction the first time.

First, don’t be afraid if you swat at a fly you’ll buy a $300.00 lamp! Such scenarios are funny on situational comedies, but they don’t happen in real life. At least not at my auctions! I will tell you I have seen someone waving at a person across the room and thought they were bidding. However, once I found out they weren’t bidding we all laughed and I took the bid back to where it was before I mistakenly raised it.

The first thing you want to do when arriving at an auction is to register with the clerk. You will be required to show a picture ID and give your name, address, and phone number. At that time you will receive a bid number. Keep that bid number with you and show it every time you purchase something at the auction.

I recommend arriving early enough to view the items before the auction begins. I always open the doors 90 minutes before the auction to give people plenty of time to check out what will be selling. When I go to auctions, I usually plan to arrive an hour early to give everything a good look.

When the auction begins don’t be afraid to bid on the items you are Image result for auction biddinginterested in. You can bid by raising your hand, raising your bid number, by shouting out, or any other means of getting my attention. My ring people and I will all be watching for bids.

Auctions are meant to move quickly. A good auctioneer wants to sell an item about every 30-45 seconds so it’s important to bid quickly if you’re interested in buying the item. This is especially true if the bids have dropped down to $1-$2 increments.

When you are ready to leave you need to stop at the clerk’s table again to pay for your items. We accept cash, good check, and credit cards. There is a convenience charge for credit card purchases. The clerk will add up your tickets, add sales tax, and give you the total amount. If you have an Indiana sales tax exemption we must have a copy of it or we will have to charge sales tax at most auctions.

Unlike some auctions we do not charge a buyer’s premium!

What if you cannot attend the auction in person but are interested in buying something?

We gladly accept absentee bids from persons who cannot be present on the day of the sale. You will need to contact us prior to the sale to leave your bid. Your absentee bid will be handled with integrity. I do not start the bidding at your maximum bid!

If you live out of the area we will gladly ship you the items you purchase. You may pay for your purchases by check or credit card. Your items will be shipped once your check clears the bank. If paying by credit card we normally ship the items the day after the sale.

You may also bid by telephone. Again, you will need to notify us prior to the sale so arrangements can be made.

If you have any questions about buying at my auctions please contact me at 812-265-5271 or talk to me prior to the sale. I look forward to seeing you at the next auction!