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Three years ago I obtained my Indiana auctioneer’s license and after working for several area auctioneers for about a year I began conducting my own auctions. For the past two years I have held several consignment and estate auctions.

At the end of 2015 I retired as a Resource Minister with our denomination. My responsibilities included working directly with 133 churches in my area and serving as needed with all 312 churches in our Region. I continue to do church consultations and lead conferences for various denominations across the United States.

Several have asked why I would choose another career when I am supposed to be retired! I really enjoy auctions, and I also see them as an extension of my ministry. There are basically three groups of people who need the services of an auctioneer.

  • There are pickers who make their living buying and selling. They often consign their items to an auctioneer to sell for them. This is how they support themselves and their families. By serving them I am able to help them provide for their families.
  • There are people who need to downsize. Many of the items I’ve sold have been for senior citizens who needed to reduce their personal property. Sometimes they were moving into assisted living or moving into a smaller residence. Quite often they found out their children were not interested in their possessions and didn’t know what to do with the things they could not take to their new home. I feel I offer an important ministry to them by eliminating the stress they often feel when needing to dispose of possessions they no longer need.
  • The third group are those who have inherited an estate and need to dispose of it. In some cases they live some distance away and not able to spend much time here. Often, they don’t even know what is in the estate until they see it for the first time. They may have bills to pay for the estate and need to quickly sell the estate property to pay those bills. In many cases, they feel overwhelmed with everything involved in settling an estate and need someone who can help them quickly dispose of everything so the estate can be closed.

As you can see, I see my role as an auctioneer as another way of continuing my ministry of over 35 years now. I’m just doing it in a different arena.

I normally hold my auctions at the Venture Out Business Center in Madison, IN. I can also do on-site auctions at your location. We can haul your items if you wish or you can deliver them. We work hard for every estate and consignor, and we work hard for you. We are lifelong residents of this county and have a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Please call us at 812-265-5271 if we can serve you. We can sell one piece for you or an entire estate. If you live outside the area we invite you to ship your items to us on consignment. Just call us first so we’ll be ready to receive your items.