New blog

I am gong to move a lot of the content from this blog to a new one I started this morning. The new blog will be called “Choices.” This blog started to promote an auction business I began, but it has transformed over the past few months to something different. I’ve been writing much more about the choices we make that impact so many of the important areas of our lives. Most of the people liking these posts and following this page have done so as a result of these more recent articles. It just made sense to me to have a blog that was intentional about focusing on these choices.

I encourage you to check out the page and follow it by clicking on the blue FOLLOW button on the right side. If you think it will help people you know who are struggling with some of their choices, invite them to check out the articles as well.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be transferring some of the articles from this page to the new one. I will probably be tweaking the page as well.

You can read the first article at

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