Book publisher or agent needed

I apologize for not writing lately. It’s not that I haven’t been at home! I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on a book that I’ve been writing and trying to find a publisher.

Since publishing my last book in 2013 it seems the publishing world has changed a lot. In the past I could send a book proposal to many publishing firms who would either reject the book or agree to publish it. I now find that few will accept such proposals unless they come through a literary agent. The publisher I worked with the most in the past closed down a few years ago, opened under a new name and now focuses primarily on publishing their denominational material. So, I am now trying to find respectable publishers who will accept proposals from authors or an agent. Since I’ve not worked with an agent I am researching various ones to try to determine who might be interested in my book.

The book is about how the choices we make result in the situations in which we find ourselves. Every choice has consequences.  For instance, people make financial decisions that have an immediate and a long-term impact on their finances. Many people are finding out the short-term impact of spending more than they make and going deeper into debt makes life rough now that they’ve lost their jobs due to the pandemic we are experiencing. The long-term impact will be felt when they realize they do not have the resources with which to retire when they reach that age. The book looks at various personal and family related scenarios such as raising happy children, enjoying a satisfying marriage, making an impact on the lives of others and other aspects of our lives. In each of these scenarios I explore the choices different people have made, the consequences of those choices, and better choices that could be made in the future. I think it is a book that could change people’s lives. The only trick is getting it published.

Some have suggested I look into self-publishing, but that is a route I want to avoid. I’ve published one eBook that was business related, and it gets lost in the millions of other eBooks that are available. I like working with publishers who can put the book on shelves and in online sites where people can see them.

If any of my readers have connections in the publishing and/or literary agent world, I would love to hear from you. An endorsement from someone who has a connection opens doors.

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