You might as well read a book while you’re at home

Since many of us are ordered to remain in our homes except for essential reasons, it might be a good time to think about reading that book you’ve been putting off because you’ve been too busy. Or, if you don’t have a book you’ve been wanting to read you may be wondering what would be a good one,

This year has gotten off to a slow start for me, and my wife and I have been staying in for the past two weeks already, so I’ve read a lot more than usual this year. I’ve already read 20 books this year, about to complete a couple more and have three more on order.  Let me suggest three books for you to consider from the ones I’ve read this year. I will warn you, Amazon is focusing on shipping essential items first, and instead of getting a book you order in 2-3 days it may take 2-3 weeks. I’ve actually received used books from third party sellers quicker than I’ve got new ones from Amazon.

Those who know me won’t be surprised that John Maxwell’s latest book, The Leader’s Greatest Return: Attracting, Developing, and Multiplying Leaders is on this list. I often write and talk about the importance of developing leaders. This book provides a lot of helpful information on how to identify potential leaders and develop them. No organization can rise above its leadership so it’s important to constantly be seeking and developing leaders.

The next book I’ll recommend you consider reading is The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. He begins the book by describing finite games and infinite games, Finite games have fixed rules and an agreed-upon objective that when reached ends the game. Infinite games are played by known and unknown players, lack fixed rules and have no finish line. So often people talk about winning or beating our competition. The problem with such language is that it suggests that they are playing a finite game, and business is not that kind of game. When we are satisfied with short terms goals we will not last long. It’s when we are thinking long term that we can expect long term success. Sinek suggests there are three pillars that are essential in the Infinite Game: Advance a purpose, Protect people and Generate a profit. He addresses these, and much more, in this book.

The third book I enjoyed was The Seven Decisions: Understanding the Keys to Personal Success by Andy Andrews. In his book Andrews shares seven decisions that work in our lives, and, he insists, are working now even if we are not aware of them. As he points out, the law of gravity was working even before it was discovered, so just because you are not aware of these principles it doesn’t mean they are not working in your life right now. It might be better to know what they are so we can use them to make our lives better.

I hope you’ll find these suggestions helpful. Leaders are readers, and during this interesting time I hope you’ll take the time to read some good books.

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