Good habits lead to success

If a person wants a successful future he or she needs to plan for it. We don’t often drift into success. Success comes when we take intentional steps to achieve it. One of the critical steps we can take to enjoy a successful future is to develop good habits. Our habits determine our future.

I’ve read the average baby boomer has less than $25,000 in retirement savings. Hopefully, that isn’t correct because if it is it means a lot of baby boomers are not going to retire. But, if it is true, how did they get to that place? They had a habit of spending everything they made, and in many cases spending more than they made which put them in debt. If they had developed the habit of investing even ten percent of their income in a ROTH IRA every paycheck they would be approaching retirement with a nice nest egg that would allow them to retire with dignity and able to do just about anything they wanted to do in retirement.

Successful people make a habit of doing things unsuccessful people don’t want to do. Does anyone enjoy making cold calls? Not many, but successful people make them anyway knowing they lead to sales. In fact, highly successful sales people know how many cold calls they need to make to get a certain number of sales, and they have developed a habit of making that many calls every day.

The fact that good habits lead to business success also apply to every other area of our lives. We need to develop good habits when it comes to our families, to our own personal self-care, to our personal growth, and to our relationship with God.

While good habits lead to success, we need to remember that bad habits lead to problems. Students who never study usually do not do well in school. Spouses who have made it a habit to ignore the needs of their loved ones usually have problems in their relationships. People who have developed bad eating habits usually have health problems. The list goes on….

What habits do you need to develop? You can answer that by deciding what it is that you want to achieve in each area of your life and then identifying the steps you will need to take to get there. From those steps you can develop the habits you will practice every day to take those steps which will then take you to the success you seek.

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