How to get the things you want

My favorite motivational speaker is Zig Ziglar. I attended numerous motivational conferences in which he was one of the speakers. Even though I knew most of what he would say before he said it, I still listened to every word. Years ago I bought his three volume tape (cassette!) series on goal setting and followed it religiously. Most of the books he wrote are in my library. One of the many things he said that is locked in my memory bank is “You can have anything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says the same thing in his excellent book Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money  He writes, “Befriend many people who are a rung or two above and below your financial level, then find ways to help them achieve their desires. You will have discovered the secret of Partnership Power.”

Both of these men want people to understand that when we genuinely serve others and help them achieve their desires, our own needs will be met. The other afternoon a lady called asking questions about auctions. They are moving out of state and need to sell many of their household goods. She asked a lot of good questions and admitted that she would be calling other auctioneers. She confessed to being very stressed as this was the first time she had ever thought about having an auction and she knew very little about how they worked.

Although she was wanting details about how I conduct my auction business what she was really wanting was to reduce the stress she was feeling about having the auction. She is not any different from many of the people who call me about doing an auction for them. One lady, after I explained the process to her and she signed the contract for me to do her auction, breathed a sigh of relief. As her shoulders dropped she said that she felt a huge weight was removed as she didn’t feel stressed any more about having an auction.

I explained in detail to the recent caller how I would conduct her auction, gave her some options to consider and offered to come to her home to look at what she was selling. I kept explaining to her that most people never have more than one or two auctions in their lives, and most are very concerned about having one because they are not familiar with how they operate. I reminded her that her stress was normal, but that a good auctioneer will help relieve that stress as they work with her in getting her items ready for sale. She thanked me, said she was calling some other auctioneers and would get back with me.

Maybe she will and maybe she won’t. She may find an auctioneer closer to where she lives or she might get a referral from a friend who has had an auction. I may never hear from her again, but I will get calls from other people. I will have the opportunity to serve them and help them get what they want, and in the process my business will prosper, and I will be able to get the things I want.

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