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How to get the things you want

My favorite motivational speaker is Zig Ziglar. I attended numerous motivational conferences in which he was one of the speakers. Even though I knew most of what he would say before he said it, I still listened to every word. … Continue reading

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What do you want most?

In the Pirates of the Caribbeans movie series Captain Jack Sparrow had a magical compass that did not point north. Instead, it pointed to the thing one wanted most. Once the owner of the compass settled in on the thing he or … Continue reading

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Avoiding analysis paralysis

When I first came home from the Navy we lived in the country. The nearest store was a small store in a community with no stop lights. The store had been serving that community for decades. The grocery side of … Continue reading

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Beyond ordinary service

The other evening while scrolling through the channels I came upon Undercover Boss. It’s not a show I normally watch, but the part I came up seemed interesting. The boss was the CEO of a large department chain. He was working … Continue reading

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Why are you in business?

Years ago I learned the value of asking why. I learned that explaining why a change needed to be made should come before telling people what upcoming changes would look like. I learned that if one asks why five times … Continue reading

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