Growing a small business through social media

For the past few weeks I’ve been helping another auctioneer with his weekly auctions. He has so much to sell he is running more than one auction ring during part of his auctions. We live far enough apart that he does not view me as a competitor so he allows me to leave my auction flyers at his auctions (I take his flyers to my auctions as well.), and he informs his crowd about any upcoming auctions I might have. A couple of weeks ago he began to explain to me how he used Facebook to promote his auctions and suggested I might want to do the same.

Many of you might already know far more about this than I do, but I am taking his advice and trying it for my auction this coming Tuesday evening. I already had a personal FB page, but I created one for my auction business. I then invited my friends on my personal page to “like” the auction business page. About 1/4 of them did so. I ran brief notices every day about my auction this coming Tuesday evening with 4-5 pictures of items I’ll be selling. Many of these daily notices received more likes.

Per his suggestion, I created an ad on Friday and boosted it on Saturday. The boost will cost me $50.00 for Saturday and Sunday. That ad reached over 10,400 people with 1,800 of them engaging with it in some means. The page has 140 likes in the first week which means each of these people will receive every ad and notice I post on it. We ended up with the largest crowd I’ve ever had for an evening auction and the second largest amount of sales.

The reason I boosted it on Saturday and Sunday is because my auction is Tuesday. This gives me Monday to respond to any questions or comments that people might send me as a result of seeing the ad.

My marketing for my previous auctions consisted of a small ad in the local paper on Saturday, flyers that I mail to my mailing list, and notices that I post on the various local Buy-Sale-Trade sites on Facebook. The newspaper ad and direct mailings are expensive. If marketing through social media works well it can save me a lot of money and get more people aware of my auction business. I have another auction next week and do not plan to mail notices nor purchase an ad in the paper due to the response we had with our FB marketing. This will allow me to compare the two marketing strategies.

For many readers of this blog, you may be surprised I didn’t know to do this sooner, but some of you may still not taking advantage of an inexpensive way to get your business noticed by potential clients. One of the things that makes this good is that you are in control of how much you want to spend to boost your ads. The more you spend, of course, the more people who will see your ad, but you are in control. I felt $50.00 was a good amount to see what kind of results I get. Right now I’m pretty satisfied.

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