Progressive Politics

I am often amused when the media and politicians refer to AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders and others as progressives. The dictionary defines progressive as favoring progress, change and improvement. While each of these individuals do advocate change, are the changes they want actually improvements and do they represent progress? When those changes would make our nation a socialist nation, the answer is no. Not one socialist nation has ever improved the lot of their citizens, not one. Every nation that has embraced socialism has failed miserably and brought untold misery upon their people. The only ones who succeed in socialism are the ones in power.

It amazes me that the so-called progressives are unable to connect the dots. If America’s capitalist system is so bad, why are thousands of people streaming to America to live the American dream? Why have countless legal immigrants come to this country with nothing and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams? How did many of the older “progressives” become multimillionaires if capitalism is so bad?

We hear presidential candidates advocating for free health care, free college tuition, minority groups receiving special financing to assist with downpayments and closing costs, and a host of other freebies for special groups. The problem is, as anyone with a grade school education knows, there is nothing free. This all must be paid for by somebody. They say the government will provide these things, but the government doesn’t have money except for they take from the taxpayers. 44 percent of Americans pay no federal tax, so that money will have to be added to the unfair tax burden already imposed on those of us who do pay taxes. Since the wealthy have numerous tax shelters, conveniently provided by those in Congress who also benefit from those shelters, that burden, once again, falls on the middle-class. Their progressive plan will eventually wipe out the middle-class and another socialist agenda will destroy another great nation.

Someone once said that capitalism isn’t perfect, but it’s better than any other economic system we have. It gives everyone an opportunity to succeed. I know some will argue that last statement, but it’s true anyway. Multitudes of people who may not have seemed like they had an opportunity to succeed did anyway. They refused to play the victim card. They refused to sit down and wait for the government to take care of them. They sought out opportunities to win and they did. Often against great odds.

Today, the economy is booming. The unemployment rate is as low as it’s been in a long time meaning that just about anyone who wants a job can have one. Countless jobs go unfilled today. One business owner told me he’s been advertising for good jobs for two years without having any applicants. He said we’ll train the people if they will just come to work. Yes, some jobs require skills that some people may not have, but that doesn’t mean those skills cannot be learned. I’ve had numerous jobs and careers in my lifetime, and in everyone of them I had to learn new skills. Anyone willing to work and apply themselves can live well in a capitalist society. In a socialist society the most you can count on is to stand in line for hours hoping to buy a loaf of bread that isn’t there.

Earlier I wrote that I am amused when these politicians are referred to as progressives. Perhaps better words would be that I am angry and frustrated. The policies are not what made America great in the past, and they won’t keep us a nation that offers hope to the world around us. There is nothing wrong with change, but any change must move this nation forward, not take us backwards.

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