Staying flexible

There is a biblical caution against pouring new wine into old wine skins.  The reason is that when the new wine expands during fermentation it will cause the old, stiff wine skin to burst. New wine must be poured into new wine skins so the skin will be flexible enough to handle the expanding changes occurring in the wine.

This is a great lesson for both our personal and professional lives. When we become rigid we cannot adapt to the changes required to grow personally and professionally. In our personal lives we live with constant change. We graduate from school and enter the labor market. Most people beginning their careers today will have several different jobs, some requiring them to completely reinvent themselves. Many of us will marry and have children. Each of these are significant changes in our lives.

As those children grow up more changes will occur. Often, they are involved in numerous activities. They begin grade school, then middle school, move on to high school before starting college. Each of these bring about more change into our lives. Eventually (we hope) they move out, and we find the empty nest a place of reinventing ourselves. Retirement brings about more change as we find new activities to fill our days. As each change occurs it requires us to be flexible to adapt to that changing environment.

If you own or manage a business you probably feel overwhelmed by the changes occurring around you. New products and services are demanded by your customers. As technology constantly changes you are pressured to include it in your business. State and national laws keep changing affecting your business.

All of these changes mentioned here are going to happen whether you want them to or not. You may yearn for the “good old days” but they are not coming back. Your life, your career, your business is not going to stand still while the world around you changes. If you become rigid and refuse to adapt to those changes you will eventually burst like the old wine skins. Your dreams and hopes will fall by the wayside.

Staying flexible is the only way to live and work. Adapting to change is not an option.

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