The joys of technology

I have not written much for the past few days. As regular readers know, my old computer died a couple of weeks ago. My new computer arrived last week, and I’m still in the process of setting it up. Between that and having an auction the day after it arrived I just haven’t had time to write.

Part of the problem is that my old computer had Windows 8.1, and my new one is Windows 10. I’ve spent more time in “Helps” than I have in doing anything else on the computer! I was very comfortable working in 8.1, and 10 is more different than I realized. It’s turning into a learning curve, but I am making progress.

The very first computer class I took was MS-DOS which was offered by my employer at the time. Obviously, I’ve been involved in a large number of program changes over the years. They all required time to learn the new system, but in most cases the new system turned out to be an improvement. (Not every case!)

As I look back over how tech has changed my life and my way of working it’s really amazing. As a pastor in the early 1980s I wrote our church newsletter on an old upright Underwood typewriter. I used a lot of White-Out in those days. I replaced it with a word processor that showed two lines at a time. I got my first computer when they came out with Windows 3.1. I had taken a class in Windows Office so I ordered it for my computer. It came on 15 disks and took all day to install. (If I remember right I had to have more memory installed on the computer after that because Office took all the memory.)

Along with computer changes there have also been many other tech changes, of course. My first cell phone was a bag phone. That wasn’t anything to hang on your hip! My first Internet connection was free from a company offering Internet to rural communities. You connected through your phone line, and the problem was they only had one phone number. Once the kids got home from school you could forget getting on the Internet until about 10:00 PM. After awhile they offered about 5-6 different numbers you could call, but I think they also began charging something like $9.95 a month.

Each of the changes in technology have made me more productive even though each of them came with a learning curve. I don’t think any one doubts that tech changes will be even more dramatic and frequent in the future. The generations behind me with be doing things with tech that I could not imagine. Hopefully, these changes will be for the better, but there is no guarantee of that.

The one guarantee is that if one doesn’t change with the changes in technology that person will quickly be left behind. Companies that do not regularly upgrade their tech equipment will be at the mercy of their competitors. Workers who do not consistently upgrade their tech capabilities will soon be out of a job or will miss out on promotions because they were not ready for the requirements their new jobs would demand.



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