Overcoming limitations

A young wife was cooking a meat loaf when her husband walked in. As she started to put it in the oven he noticed she cut the ends off the meatloaf. He asked why she did that, and his wife said it was because her mother always cut the ends off her meatloaf. He pressed her some more, and she admitted she didn’t know why her mother did that so she called her. Her mother said it was because her mother cut the ends off her meatloaf, but she didn’t know why either. She called her mother and asked why she always cut the ends off her meatloaf, and her mother explained that it was so it would fit in the only pan she had.

Many of us allow the size of our pans to limit the size of our dreams. We’re afraid to dream big dreams because we are so focused on our current limitations we do not believe we could possibly achieve those big dreams. As soon as a dream begins to enter our minds it is followed by all the reasons it’s impossible for us to achieve it.

  • We don’t have the finances.
  • We don’t have the education or training.
  • We don’t have the connections to make it happen.
  • We are afraid of what people will think if we fail.
  • And the list goes on.

Eventually, we stop dreaming and settle for cutting the ends off our meatloaf. A far better approach would be to find a bigger pan.

People have entered my life at various times and encouraged me to get a bigger pan. I had been pastoring a small, rural church for a number of years when I called a person in my denomination and asked what my future ministry might look like. As he ran through a list of options he mentioned that I might consider assuming the role he had. Lacking a seminary education I didn’t think that was an option, but he assured me it was. Within three years I did replace him when he accepted a new role within our denomination. He encouraged me to dream a new dream with a larger pan, and for the next 14 years I served in that role.

In yesterday’s post I shared how a coach helped me when I was at a crossroads. One of the options I was considering was furthering my education, but I was in my mid-50s and wasn’t sure it was feasible to do that. As she helped me think through the process I decided to return to school. I eventually earned both my masters and doctoral degrees finishing the last one at 61 years of age. I am so glad I sought out a larger pan that would hold a bigger dream.

If you’re being limited by a small pan, it’s time you found one that can hold your dreams. I would be glad to help you do that if you’re ready to break free of the things that are limiting you.

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