How a coach helped me

A few years ago the organization I worked for hired a coach to train the executive staff on coaching techniques. Not only did we receive hours of training we had the opportunity to have our own coach for a year. Each month I would call her at a designated time and we would discuss whatever I wanted to discuss. At this time I was trying to decide between a couple of career options. I was torn between seeking another job or staying where I was and furthering my education. As she walked me through the thinking process I finally determined that I would stay where I was and further my education. After that I earned both my master’s and doctoral degrees. It was the right decision and one I’m glad to this day I made.

As a result of my experience and training I saw the value in coaching as a way to help people move forward with their lives. I’ve used it many times, both formally and informally, as I’ve tried to help people. Informally, I’ve coached people in simple conversations as we talked about things that were bothering them. Formally, I’ve contracted with people to serve as their life or ministry coach and spent extended periods of time trying to help them move forward in their lives or careers. In fact, my doctoral project was to coach a group of individuals to assist them in addressing challenges they were facing in their lives and careers. As part of our agreement they had to submit a two page paper sharing how that coaching helped or did not help them. Each of them responded positively to the experience.

Some believe that coaching is for people with problems, but that is not always the case. Coaching can help someone who feels stuck and isn’t sure how to begin to move forward again. Coaching can help someone, like I was, who is at a crossroads in their lives and needs help determining which path to take. Major corporations often provide a coach for their top leaders to give them someone to help them think through decisions they need to make.  In fact, approximately 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use executive coaching for their top leadership. There are many reasons to hire a coach beyond just to address problems.

While some coaches charge a lot of money for their services, most coaches are quite reasonable in their fees. However, no one should look at hiring a coach as an expense; it’s an investment in one’s future. In a 2001 study of executives who received coaching there was a ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment. A 2004 study done in one company found that out of over 100 managers who received coaching, over 78 percent improved their leadership effectiveness as reported by stakeholders in the company. These are some incredible numbers that prove the value of coaching.

I continue to offer coaching to persons who see the value in being coached. If you would like to know more about how I might add value to your life or career through coaching please DM me.


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