Sometimes you just have to persevere

I have an auction Tuesday, June 18. Normally, I send flyers out to persons on my email list about a week before, post a listing and pictures online about two weeks before and send an ad to our local paper a week before. I’ve just about done all this, but it hasn’t been easy. Last Saturday my computer died.

My IT guy worked all morning trying to restart it. When that failed he tried to pull my files from the hard drive. That didn’t work either. I checked my back-up file on the thumb drive. Corrupted. What I was able to get off of it was very minimal. Virtually everything was lost, including but not limited to my auction mailing list. I ordered a new computer, but it isn’t scheduled to arrive until the day of the auction. That means I’m limited to using my laptop which isn’t nearly as convenient as my desktop.

Everything I try to do takes at least three times longer on the laptop than it did on the desktop. This is especially true when trying to type something. Writing this post has seen my cursor jump to different places on the screen 5-6 times already. I never know where I’m writing something unless I keep my eyes on the screen. I’ve tried everything the “experts” say to do to stop that from happening, but none of the suggestions has worked. Trying to insert pictures on the auctionzip webpage took forever. I had to create a new mailing list to replace the one I lost. Instead of five pages of mailing labels I now have 1 1/2 pages, and that took a couple of hours to create. When I tried to send my ad to the newspaper the laptop didn’t want to do it until I answered a bunch of questions to prove I wasn’t a robot. More time wasted. And it goes on and on and on.

Work is like that sometimes. Everything seems to be against you. Everything is a struggle. All anyone can do is persevere. You just have to keep going. Eventually you’ll come out on the other side, and when you do you will feel like a winner. You overcame every obstacle to accomplish what you set out to do!

Next week I’ll have the auction, and it promises to be a good one. My new computer will arrive and I’ll spend a few days getting it set up. Some of the files I lost I’ve used for 20 years moving them from one new computer to another one. Now I’ll have to create them from scratch, and I will. By the time my next auction happens I’ll have the new computer set up and ready to go, and I can look back at this as a bad experience but one I overcame. I encourage you to take that same attitude the next time everything seems to be against you.

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