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What can small businesses learn from yard sales?

If I have some spare time on Friday or Saturday mornings I’ll hit a few yard sales to find items to sell at auction or for my personal use.  Sometimes one can find some amazing buys at a yard sale.  … Continue reading

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An interesting auction

My next auction will be May 4 at the Venture Out Business Center in Madison, IN. This should be a very interesting auction. I will be selling the estate of a gentleman who retired from the railroad and spent a … Continue reading

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The minimum wage myth Progressives and others often point out that current minimum wage jobs cannot support a family. For several years they have been promoting increasing the minimum wage. Workers have gone on strike demanding higher minimum wages. Some companies have responded … Continue reading

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Strategic planning   If you noticed I did not post much last week it was because my wife and I went to Austin, TX to visit our son and his family. We had a great time there. Our family keeps getting … Continue reading

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Beware of scams

Like many Americans I get my share of spam phone calls. I probably average at least two a day. Many of them I don’t even answer due to the number shown on my CallerID. Unfortunately, since these low-lifes have the … Continue reading

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Making things work

Several months ago The USS Enterprise arrived at Norfolk, Virginia after making its final deployment.  The first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, it was the oldest active duty ship in the Navy.  It’s reactors were shut down and the ship will … Continue reading

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