When the news isn’t what you want to hear

The Attorney General has released the redacted copy of the Mueller Report. After two years of investigation the report found there was no collusion and no obstruction of justice. Although the report said the investigation could not fully exonerate the president of misdeeds there was not enough evidence to file charges. This was a strange statement to put in the report and was certain to keep the Democrats forging ahead with their own investigation.

The response was as one would expect. The president’s supporters claimed the report was a total victory for the president while his opponents were left fuming. Democrats are demanding Mueller appear before them to answer questions about the report. They and countless entertainers are calling the report a cover-up. One must wonder if these are the same people who said the special investigation must be allowed to continue and Congress had the duty to protect the integrity of the investigation? Now that the findings are not what they hoped for it appears they believe the investigation lacked integrity.

Mueller was once their pride and joy. They cheered every time an indictment was handed down by the special prosecutor. They were certain each indictment brought them closer to the president and misconduct on his part. They rallied around the special prosecutor every time there seemed to be a threat he would be fired. But, he didn’t deliver what they wanted so now they want to question him to find out why he couldn’t give them what they want.

Such tactics are more suited for grade school playgrounds, but that is what our Congress mostly represents today. A bunch of childish individuals, on both sides of the aisle, who are convinced they know best and who can throw tantrums with the best of them. I won’t even start on those in the entertainment industry. Here we have a bunch of people who, because they can sing or act, think they are the moral spokespeople for America.

The question from this, though, is an important one. How do you respond when the news you receive isn’t what you wanted? Maybe a business loan is refused. Perhaps a new business plan doesn’t work out the way you expected. One of your best customers announces he is moving his business to a competitor. Do you throw a tantrum, blame others for the situation, shoot the messenger? Or do you accept the news for what it is and move on to something else?

The latter approach is the best one to take. In life and business the news isn’t always what we want. There are going to be failures and disappointments even in areas in which we were certain we were right. We can cry about it, or we can move on. I wish Congress would move on and quit trying to redo the 2016 election. There’s a lot of important issues facing our nation can might benefit from Congressional action if they were willing to move from the election and begin to act like the leaders they claimed to be when they ran for office.


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