An interesting auction

My next auction will be May 4 at the Venture Out Business Center in Madison, IN. This should be a very interesting auction. I will be selling the estate of a gentleman who retired from the railroad and spent a lifetime collecting railroad memorabilia. I spent hours going through his two-car garage preparing this collection for this auction. Although this will be a big sale, this isn’t everything. I will have to have a second sale later. While much of this auction will focus on his collection, there is also a lot of other items of his we will be selling.

His collection includes railroad tools, railroad pocket watches, railroad lamps, railroad hard hats, model cars and tracks, and a huge assortment of railroad ephemera.  Ephemera is a fancy word for collectible papers. He had amassed a large collection of railroad timetables from many different railroad lines. There are old union contracts between the rail lines and its workers, some dating back to the early 1900s. There are track maps, tons of pictures of trains and thousands of other paper items from numerous railroad companies. Of local interest will be the items he had of our local train system. This line was completed in 1841 and remains the steepest grade of any line-haul railroad in the country with a 5.89 percent grade.

This auction is one of the reasons I enjoy auctions so much. You just never know what you will find when you start going through people’s collections. The first day I began gathering his collection I could sense the passion he had for railroads.  Some of the items he had could not have been easy to find such as the old union contract books and operating manuals from various railroad lines. But, he managed to find them and add them to his collection.

Even if you have no interest in railroads I invite you to go to and type in my ID# (36965) where it asks for it to go to this auction. Check out the pictures of SOME of the items we’ll be selling that day. Notice, I said SOME of the items because there is no way I could list or show everything that will sold May 4. When you see the pictures and read the listing I think you’ll sense his passion as well.

I am licensed in both Indiana and Kentucky to conduct auctions. If you have quality items you would like to sell at auction or if you have an estate you need to sell, please contact me. Let me help you turn those things you don’t need into something you want…like money!

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