Attention to details

It happened to me again. This past Saturday I had an auction which I promoted on Facebook. I gave the information about the auction and posted a few pictures after I finished setting it up. Sunday evening a reader asked how much I wanted for one of the items in a picture. This happens almost every auction I have. Either they don’t read the post or they have no concept of an auction. I won’t even mention that the question was asked the day after the auction was over. (I guess I did mention it!) I felt a little better when the same question was asked of one of my competitors after they posted pictures of their upcoming auction.

Years ago there was a emphasis on reading called “Reading is FUNdamental.” It was designed to encourage children to read more. Perhaps we should emphasize to adults the importance of reading for information and understanding.

Maybe we are spending so much time multitasking that we don’t pay close enough attention to details. Many of us take pride in our ability to multitask despite numerous studies that prove that we are less efficient when we do so. I’m as guilty of this as anyone and have just recently tried to focus on one thing at a time. Trying to do too many things at the same time makes it impossible to pay attention to the details. Scanning an article, a book, or a post makes it likely that we will miss important details.

Overlooking details can hurt us in other ways. Last year I bought a new washing machine from a local appliance store. I have spent thousands of dollars in that store over the years purchasing every appliance I have owned from there. When we turned on the washer it made so much noise I called the store and told them we needed their serviceman to check out the problem. He came and told us this was the way this model sounded when it was working. I checked a video on YouTube and found that he was right. When I called the owner of the store to complain he said he probably should have told me the new washers make more noise than the older ones. I agreed that was a detail that should have been given me before I made the purchase.

The year before that we bought a new stove from the same store. My wife has hated it since the day we got it. She doesn’t like the way it heats up or anything else about how it operates. When we mentioned it to the owner he said that was just the way those models worked, something he failed to mention before we bought it. Like I said, we’ve spent many thousands of dollars in this store. They call us by name when we walk in. For some reason he no longer wants to give us the details about the appliances we are considering. My next appliance purchase will be made elsewhere.

On another note, paying attention to details often is the difference between achieving your goals and not achieving them. In goal setting one should always identify the steps needed to be taken that will get you to your ultimate goal. These details matter because if you don’t achieve them it’s unlikely you will achieve the final goal. Identify the steps you need to take, consistently review them to ensure you are achieving them, and you will be much more likely to achieve your overall goals.

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