Innocent until proven guilty

For years our justice system in America has operated under the premise that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Police shows on television begin with that disclaimer. A jury of your peers must find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before a guilty sentence is passed and punishment handed down.

For the past few weeks we have seen that fundamental legal principle ignored by people elected to some of the highest positions of government. Their hatred of President Trump and everything he does overwhelms any sense they may have had about right and wrong. As the Judicial Committee was nearing a vote an eleventh-hour letter was released claiming Judge Kavanaugh had sexually attacked a young woman while they were in high school. The vote was postponed until the accuser could address the Judicial Committee and Kavanaugh could respond. Not one shred of evidence could be produced to verify the claim, but that did not stop his opponents from insisting that even the very claim was enough to make him unsuitable. The FBI was asked to investigate and could find no supporting witnesses or other evidence. This made the seventh background check the FBI had conducted on Kavanaugh, and nothing resembling these types of allegations had ever come up.

After Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Justice a writer for a late night show tweeted that he was glad they had at least ruined his life. He apologized for that tweet after the backlash that followed, but it demonstrated the mindset of Kavanaugh’s attackers, including those who sit on one side of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They cared nothing about what this did to his reputation nor how it impacted his family. Furthermore, they didn’t care how it impacted the accuser, a woman who originally wanted the letter kept confidential, but we now see how well that works when you’re dealing with our current Senate.

When the final vote was taken Kavanaugh was confirmed by a two vote margin. While you might say that he won by two votes, I look at it as our rule of law of being innocent until proven guilty only won by two votes. With all the attorneys in the Senate one would think they would look at the evidence, recognize that there was nothing supporting a conviction, and then vote to confirm or reject based on Kavanaugh’s record and ability as a judge. But, they didn’t. Party line voting took precedence over evidence.  That should frighten every American.

Now, some are already looking into impeaching Kavanaugh because they just KNOW he must be guilty. After all, he was accused. Some are saying the entire SCOTUS is illegitimate with Kavanaugh sitting on it. Some Democrat leaders are saying if they win back the House they will begin impeachment proceedings.

Our nation is in serious trouble with many issues Congress should be addressing, but nothing is more important to many of them than attacking President Trump and everything he does. Recent events prove some will do anything to discredit and destroy him no matter who it might hurt in the process or even if it destroys our nation.

Eliminate the rule of law, eliminate the legal mandate of innocent until proven guilty, govern by hatred and ignoring an individual’s right to be treated fairly and honestly and you will have gone a long way to destroying this nation.


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