Variety makes auctions fun

Since I do not collect anything I have little interest in attending a speciality auction. I worked for another auctioneer once who had an auction that sold nothing but comic books. I got sick looking at comic books! While these types of sales are great for collectors, they hold no interest for me. I much prefer consignment and estate auctions because you never know what you are going to find when you attend one.

I have two consignment auctions scheduled for September. The one on the 4th features a variety of items such as tools, furniture, several pieces of fishing equipment, glassware, 45 records, old Elvis movies and many other items. The auction on the 25th will have more tools, dolls, trading cards, some small primitive items, store shelving, and many other items I haven’t seen yet. I have another truck load of items coming Tuesday for that auction.

Estate auctions are the same as these often feature a life-time of accumulations. You truly never know what you will find when you attend an estate auction. It’s not uncommon for the auction crew to find items the day of the sale as they are setting up for the auction. Box lots at estate auctions can often hold some real treasures as these may be brought out of a basement or a shed the day of the auction. I have bought boxes of items for a couple of dollars and found gold rings in the bottom of the box. My daughter once bought a box at such an auction for about $10.00 and found four stone jugs in the box.

The old fashioned farm auctions are still my favorite ones to attend. They are not as common as they used to be, but they still exist in our area of the country. Items are often piled on wagons, and the auctioneer sells off the wagon as the ring people hold each item up for bid. There will almost always be a wide variety of items sold at such auctions. I not only enjoy attending such auctions; I enjoy conducting such auctions. The set-up is easy, and people just seem to enjoy being there. While you do have to be concerned a little about the weather I have found that people who go to auctions don’t pay too much attention to the weather.

If you want to check out the two auctions I have in September just go to and type in my ID# 36965. That will take you directly to my auctions. If you don’t live in the area, but see something you’re interested in give me a call. I do accept absentee bids. If you want to check out auctions in your area, you will find most of them by going to the same web site and typing in your zip code. It will take you to a screen that shows the upcoming auctions in your area.


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