Learn from other’s mistakes

I’ve enjoyed doing a lot of different things in my life. Since getting out of the Navy I have worked in a factory, farmed, sold seed corn, pastored a church, served in a ministry position in our denomination, owned and managed a small business, served as a Transitional Pastor in a church, and owned and operated an auctioneer business. I’ve retired twice, and neither of them took! The fact is, I enjoy being busy. I’ve enjoy everything I’ve done and most of my efforts have been successful. Except for one.

We owned the small business for about 14 years. The first several years things went well,, and then 2008 happened. As the economy tanked so did our business. Now, I don’t blame the economy for the closing of our business. There were many businesses that struggled but survived during that time, and there were some businesses that prospered. The only thing the downturn in the economy did was to show how poorly I had managed the business. A good economy covers a multitude of sins, but a bad economy brings those failures to the forefront. After doing everything we knew to save the business there was nothing left but to do but shut down and sell everything at auction. It was a very tough time in my life because it was the worst failure I had known in all the things I had done.

One of my primary gifts is that of a teacher. About a year after we sold the business I decided I needed to let people know how to avoid the mistakes that could cost them their businesses. The failure rate for small business start-ups is high, and if I could help others avoid the pain I had experienced then something good could come out of that difficult time. I decided to write a book that described the various things I had done wrong that led to our business closing. I decided early that I would honestly describe the wrong actions I had taken and offer ways to avoid those mistakes. Although I have published eight books through traditional publishing companies I decided to publish this book as an e-book to make it more affordable to anyone who owns a small business or is thinking about starting one.

Every small business owner, every entrepreneur, every person who has considered starting a small business should read this book. None of the mistakes I made were major, but together they spelled disaster for our business.

There are two ways of learning. One is to make the mistakes yourself. The other is to learn from the mistakes of others. The first method is the most painful and costly. For $4.95 you can learn from my mistakes and avoid making the mistakes I made.

You can order this book for your Kindle device by clicking here. If you use a NOOK device you can purchase the book here. I think you’ll agree that $4.95 is a small price to pay for the information this book will give you.


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