Stay motivated

Several years ago I attended a motivational event that featured a number of well-known individuals speaking on their specialties. The primary speaker, in my opinion, was Zig Ziglar. I had heard him on a number of occasions give the same presentation and knew it almost as well as he did, but that did not distract me from wanting to hear it again. I’ve referenced a number of his quotes in sermons and seminars I’ve done over the years. One of my favorite ones was he was asked if attending a motivational event was worthwhile. After all, the questioner continued, it doesn’t last. Zig responded that neither does bathing which is why it’s important to do it regularly.

Last night I finished re-reading his book Over the Top: Moving from Survival to Stability, from Stability to Success, from Success to Significance. I’ve probably read it 4-5 times and  find it helpful and encouraging every time I read it.

It’s so easy to get frustrated and discouraged at times. A person might begin the day with great intentions and yet find out by 9:00 that they just don’t feel like doing any of the things they had planned. Another person might have mapped out a strategy for overcoming a challenge they’ve faced for some time only to find out this strategy won’t work either. We could list dozens of scenarios that can lead to discouragement.

Winston Churchill is quoted as defining success as “going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” To overcome those failures and frustrations it’s important that we stay motivated to succeed. It’s why I read and re-read books that encourage and motivate me. It’s why I attend motivational events on occasion and why I listen to podcasts and watch videos of motivational speakers.

It’s also why I focus on motivating the persons who attend my conferences and seminars. I often speak to small church pastors who are struggling with various ministry challenges. Many of them are bivocational which means they have other employment in addition to their ministries. This creates additional pressures on them and their families. As I share my presentations with them I want to encourage them and help motivate them to remain faithful to the task before them. I want them to know the work they are doing is important and appreciated by those they are serving.

What do you do to stay motivated? Regardless of where you are in life or what you do, there will be times when the challenges seem almost too great. Only the motivated will rise above those challenges. Staying motivated doesn’t happen by accident. You have to intentionally take steps to remain motivated. I shared above some of the things I do. You need to find what will work for you. Regardless of what it is, do it on a regular basis to maintain the motivation you need to succeed in life.

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