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Growing others

Zig Ziglar said that the only worse than training people and losing them was not training them and keeping them. I have shared this quote in many of the conferences I’ve led for leaders. I am committed to lifelong learning, … Continue reading

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Cash is king

In my book Mistakes: Avoiding the Wrong Decisions That Will Close Your Small BusinessĀ I addressed the problem of running out of cash. Although our company had a good amount of money in accounts receivable, during the 2008 recession it became … Continue reading

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Variety makes auctions fun

Since I do not collect anything I have little interest in attending a speciality auction. I worked for another auctioneer once who had an auction that sold nothing but comic books. I got sick looking at comic books! While these … Continue reading

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Learn from other’s mistakes

I’ve enjoyed doing a lot of different things in my life. Since getting out of the Navy I have worked in a factory, farmed, sold seed corn, pastored a church, served in a ministry position in our denomination, owned and … Continue reading

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Letting go

Earlier this week I had a call from a lady who had stored her father’s belongings for several years after he had moved in with her family. She said she was tired of paying rent to a storage facility and … Continue reading

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Stay motivated

Several years ago I attended a motivational event that featured a number of well-known individuals speaking on their specialties. The primary speaker, in my opinion, was Zig Ziglar. I had heard him on a number of occasions give the same … Continue reading

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The Failure of Socialism

Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. He is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist who ran on a very progressive platform. His defeat to Clinton was all but certain due to certain policies the Democratic National Convention established … Continue reading

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