What a Weekend!

I apologize for not writing lately, but I’ve been quite busy. I had two auctions in the past couple of weeks along with my responsibilities at the church. The first auction was a consignment auction that featured a lot of really nice items. It was one of my better consignment auctions this year due to the quality of the items my consignors brought me to sell.

The second auction occurred last Saturday. This was an estate auction for an individual who passed away several months ago. He had been a long time clock and watch repairman and was also an avid collector of antiques. I spent every day last week setting up for this auction. When Saturday rolled around it was one of the hottest days we’ve had this year with a heat index over 100 degrees. We still had a good crowd come out wanting to purchase items from the estate.

We must have had enough watch and repair parts to repair every time piece in three states! We had boxes, flats, and cabinets full of parts as well as boxes full of tools and the various items needed in that line of work. People came from all over to buy. We’re located in Indiana, and we had buyers here from Illinois, Kentucky, all over Indiana and even one gentleman from New York.

I cannot say enough about my crew as they worked in the heat and humidity to keep the sale moving briskly. We averaged selling about 85 items an hour and finished the auction in four hours. I would put my crew up against any auction crew I’ve ever seen in action and feel blessed to have them.

The only downside was that I lost my voice after the auction ended. I had been fighting allergies and coughing all week, and was afraid the auction might cause me problems with my voice. I kept drinking water and sucking on cough drops, but Saturday evening my voice was almost gone. What made it even worse was that I had to preach two sermons the next morning at church! Unfortunately, the voice did not return and I had to squeak through the messages, I’m writing this on Monday evening. Although I’ve tried to rest my voice as much as possible today, it’s still pretty weak.

However, my lack of a voice did not hurt our worship services. We had a baptism to celebrate, and upon the request of the young lady being baptized her grandfather baptized her. I entered the water with them, said a few introductory comments, and then he baptized her. It was a very special moment for each of them and for our entire church.

I will turn 70 next month and people often ask why I continue to do as much as I do. It’s because I enjoy it. I had the opportunity to minister to a family that must dispose of their parent’s estate. I got to enjoy two wonderful worship services that included Communion and a baptism. I spent time with people I consider to be friends doing things I enjoy doing. When you love life and what you do there’s no reason to stop doing it!

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