It’s OK to Have Fun at Work

We had a great time at our auction this past Tuesday evening. Not only did we sell a lot of really great items, we had a lot of fun doing it. I have four people work the auction ring while I’m selling. These are people I’ve known for a long time. Some used to attend a church I pastored, and one is also a minister. The fourth one is my oldest grandson. We go after each other throughout the sale, and the buyers love it.

One ring man was showing a rug when another walked over to help unroll it. Unknown to the first ring man, the second one dropped a fake mouse in the roll. The first guy jumped like he had been shot. My clerk almost came out of her chair, especially when the ringman picked it up by the tail and threw it straight up in the air.

Later I was selling an item I knew one ringman wanted. It was sports memorabilia related to his favorite college basketball team. He placed a bid on it, and when no one else did, I bid on it. Of course, he thought I was picking up someone’s bid, so he bid again. I ran him up several times until he finally said he was done. I then sold it to him at his opening bid. It was only then he realized I had been messing with him again!

Towards the end of the auction we sold a table full of NERF guns. Some of them had the bullets in them, and two of our ringmen started shooting each other. People were laughing and having a good time throughout the sale. One couple who attend a lot of auctions have told me they would rather come to mine than anyone else’s simply because they always have a good time.

The humor is always clean and never mean-spirited. I even pick on some of my buyers, especially ones I know well, and they love it. It makes the evening go by faster, it keeps people in a good mood, and I think it increases sales.

Look for ways to add a little fun and joy to your workplace. Not only will it make for happier associates, it will often show up in an improved bottom line. When people enjoy what they do, they do it better, and this leads to your customers wanting to do more business with you.

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