Feast or Famine

I’ve struggled this year getting the number of auctions I wanted. My goal was to do about two auctions a month in 2018. Now, I admit that I am a little picky about the auctions I do. Unless the merchandise is good I simply won’t accept it. There are enough $2.00 auction houses in the world. I’m too old to run one. Until I get enough quality items to have a sale I just won’t have one. So far this year I’ve had only two auctions. Suddenly, I find myself with two scheduled for the last two weeks of June.

The first one is June 19, and it will be my usual consignment auction. A gentleman brought me a load of good tools a few weeks ago, and I’ve been sitting on them waiting for more quality items to come in. Finally, I had enough to schedule an auction.

My next auction will be an estate auction on June 30. The gentleman passed away several months ago and we now have his items ready for auction. He was a long-time clock and watch repairman so this auction will feature a lot of great clocks, tools of the trade, some very interesting bins in which he kept repair parts, thousands of repair parts, and an interesting assortment of other quality items. He was quite a collector so we have a wide variety of fascinating items to sell.

Business, and life, is a lot like this. It’s feast or famine. The important thing is to be ready to respond when opportunity comes. I have over 420 pictures posted for the two auctions, and I’ve been asked how I got them posted so quickly. It’s really simple. As items came in, I got pictures of them, downloaded them on my computer, and when I was ready to schedule the auction all I had to do was to load them on the auctionzip website. I didn’t wait until I had everything and then have to spend hours getting the pictures before advertising the auctions. I have found if you work ahead it makes life much easier.

John Maxwell has written, “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” Elsewhere he has said that we are all given a choice. We can pay now and play later or play now and pay later. By working ahead whenever possible we eliminate a lot of the stress that comes when our backs are against the wall.  I wish these auctions had been scheduled earlier and there was a little more time between them, but because I stayed on top of them by controlling my daily agenda I am able to do both in a short amount of time.

If you would like to check out what will be sold at these auctions please go to auctionzip.com. In the box that asks for the auction ID type in 36965 to go directly to my auctions. If you live in the area, I invite you to join us. If you are not able to attend but are interested in purchasing something that will be offered, we do accept absentee bids. Contact me so we can discuss my policies on absentee bids. I think you will find them very fair. I have sold and shipped items to buyers in California and Tennessee as well as  to local buyers who could not attend an auction.

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