The Power of Coaching

A few years ago when I was on staff of our regional ministries we were trained in coaching. Since then I have been privileged to have coached a number of people in and out of ministry. My doctoral thesis was on the impact coaching had on bivocational ministers, and my last book focused on what I learned in that project. I find coaching one of the most powerful tools a person can use to change their lives. I have personally benefited from having a life coach, and I believe I’ve added value to those persons I’ve coached.

One of the reasons coaching is so powerful is that it draws from the person being coached many of the answers to their questions. Good coaching isn’t counseling or mentoring. The coach does not come into the relationship as an expert with all the answers, but through the asking of powerful questions it helps the person being coached find many of those answers from within. One of the highlights for me in a coaching relationship occurs when I ask the person a question and the phone goes completely silent. I know that person is on the edge of a major breakthrough in their thinking.

Although I have coached people face-to-face most of my coaching has occurred over the telephone. This has enabled me to coach persons across the United States and even one in Canada. I live in Indiana, and when I had a life coach she was in Atlanta. Each call lasts 45-60 minutes which is long enough to be effective. We typically space the calls out about two weeks apart which gives the person being coached time to complete whatever assignments we’ve agreed upon before the next session.

Another reason coaching is so powerful is that it always works from the needs of the person being coached. At the start of every coaching call we review the assignment to see how it went, and then I ask the person what they would like to address in this call. The person being coached always sets the agenda for every session. That way we know that we are working on whatever is most important to that person in every coaching session.

Many companies now hire Executive Coaches for their senior leadership because they have found it to be a good investment for their companies. Professional people are hiring coaches to help them sort through the many challenges they face in their careers. Many others are hiring life coaches to help them make major decisions in their lives or to just figure out how to be successful in life.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having a life coach, please contact me. Because of my ministry and the auction business I limit the number of people I coach at one time, but I would be glad to discuss if coaching might be a good option for you.

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