Receiving items for a consignment auction

I had a call yesterday from an individual asking me to sell some items for her at my next auction. Another auctioneer in our area referred her to me as that auctioneer was booked pretty solid for the spring and didn’t have room in any of her auctions to sell for this individual. I appreciate the way most of the auctioneers in our area work together. I’ve referred callers to this same auctioneer in the past when I knew that person’s expertise in the particular items the seller wanted to sell.

As I am in the process of receiving items for auction I was glad to include her in my next sale. She explained what she had to sell and agreed to bring them to me next week. If you live in southeast Indiana I would be glad to talk to you about disposing items you no longer need in one of my upcoming auctions.

Many of us have far more treasures than we need or ever use. A friend of mine who owns a storage company told me he is preparing to add 90 more units, and a large storage company in our community recently added over 100 units to one of their several locations. It seems like many people today are one more purchase from being seen on Hoarders.  We fill our basements, our attics, our garages, and our outbuildings with items we’ve amassed over the years, and will probably never use again. Once all our available space is full we go out and rent storage units to store even more stuff. Right now, during what used to be referred to as Spring cleaning time, is a good time to take a hard look at our “stuff” and decide if we really need to be keeping it.

If you decide that you want to sell at auction, now is the time to call your auctioneer. Things in our area have been slow this winter, but now that spring has come the auction business will pick up. It won’t be long before auctioneer’s calendars will start to fill up. Not only will new sellers have to wait longer to sell their items, as business heats up many auctioneers will become more picky about what they will sell. I’ve had more than one seller tell me other auctioneers refused to sell their items because there wasn’t enough money in it to make it worthwhile. That usually happens later in the selling season when business is brisk. (I have also told people that but it was because what they had really wasn’t worth anything. They would have been better off to have a yard sale.)

Some auctioneers with sale barns will receive items throughout the year. Many of them have weekly sales, but that doesn’t mean your items will sell the week you take them in. In some cases, sellers will wait weeks, even months, before their items sell. This is especially the case with lower value items. Part of their items will sell one week, and maybe three weeks later more of their stuff sells.

I don’t do that. First, I don’t own a space; I rent a space when I need to have an auction. Almost always I sell the entire lot of merchandise each seller brings me at that auction. I like to sell everything so I only have to write one check to the seller. This also ensures I don’t forget who owns what or get lots mixed up. Plus, it makes the seller feel good to have their items gone at one time so they don’t have to wait for their money.

Again, I am now receiving items for my next sale. If you live in southern Indiana contact me if you have items you would like to sell at auction. I would be honored to serve you.

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