Do You Have a Personal Growth Plan?

Last night I watched a You Tube video of John Maxwell teaching on being intentional about personal growth. He was using material from one of his books, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential. This is a great book that I re-read every couple of years.

One of the things he said in the video that really caught my attention was that when you are intentional in the things you do, you do not accept life. You make life.

Many people today accept whatever life brings their way. We may complain about it, and even despise it, but few people do anything to change their lives. Many want the government or someone else to come in and improve their situation and may even become offended if someone suggests that they take steps to improve their own lives.

As leaders, we cannot take our people further than we have traveled. If we are not growing, we cannot grow others. Every leader must have a plan for continual growth or he or she will not remain a leader for long.

In another book Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid. That law says that no organization can rise any higher than the lid of its leadership. If the leader has a lid of a 4, the organization can never improve above a 3 in effectiveness. However, if the leader can grow as a leader to an 8 the organization can also rise much higher. If leaders do not grow they will not not remain leaders long. Someone will pass them by and take their leadership from them.

Every person must have an intentional plan to grow. You do  not have to develop this plan on your own. There are many programs out there that can help you. You must determine in what areas you need to grow and then seek a plan to help you get there. These plans will usually include reading good books in the area, attending seminars that address the areas you’ve identified, goal setting, having a coach to help hold you accountable. One of the things that helped me several years ago was having a life coach for about nine months. She helped me clarify some next steps I needed to take in my life. Since then I’ve been able to serve as a coach for others helping them sort through things in their lives that were holding them back. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Regardless of the plan you identify, it’s imperative that you have an intentional plan for personal growth.


It also requires that you start following the plan. Perhaps the most important decision you will make about your growth is the decision to start. Nothing happens until you actually begin the process. You can dream all you want, you can plan all you want, you can pray all you want, but until you actually start nothing will happen.

Commit today to a life of personal growth. There are many programs that can assist you in that growth. Commit today to seeing growth in your church. There are also many tools to help you achieve that. Find the tools that will help you and then start using them.

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