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Are you thinking of selling at auction?

Many people at one time or another think about selling items at auction. These may be people who have inherited an estate and do not know what to do with that inheritance. Others are in the process of downsizing. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Avoid common mistakes that ruin small businesses.

The failure rate for small businesses is quite high. Many of these failures could be avoided because many of them are due to making some very small mistakes that, when added together, become quite costly. Several years ago we owned … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Personal Growth Plan?

Last night I watched a You Tube video of John Maxwell teaching on being intentional about personal growth. He was using material from one of his books,┬áThe 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential. This is … Continue reading

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Storage Unit Mistakes

I recently wrote about some of the items I’ve found in storage units I’ve purchased that were in default. In today’s post I want to focus on some major mistakes people make with their storage units. Mistake #1 – Letting … Continue reading

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Beware of Fakes

Any antique or collectible buyer has probably, at one time or another, purchased something only to find out later it was a reproduction or had been misrepresented. Some repops (reproductions) are obvious fakes while others can appear to the casual … Continue reading

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Finding Treasures at Auction

Everyone likes to buy a bargain which is one reason so many people enjoy going to auctions. Along with the opportunity to spend time with old friends there is always the possibility that you’ll be able to find something interesting … Continue reading

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The Demise of the Antique Mall

Lately we’ve been reading a lot about how antique malls around the country are struggling and some are having to close. For several years I maintained four booths in one antique mall, but I finally pulled out after failing to … Continue reading

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