Why Sell at Auction?

There are many ways available today for an individual to sell their items. Many people automatically think of E-bay, Craigslist, or their local newspaper classified section when they want to dispose of property. One can also find numerous Buy-Sell-Trade sites locally that allows you to list your items on Facebook. These are all good ways to sell your items, and I have used them all. So, is there a good reason to consider selling at auction? Actually, there are several.

With most of the above examples, there is a lot of time involved in selling. You have to take pictures, write up an item description, and post it on the site. Then you have to pack any items you sell, take them to the post office, and ship them. If you’re like me you never have the right size boxes for the items you need to ship. Or, you have to arrange to meet someone to pick up the items you’ve sold. Most folks do not want strangers coming to their homes so they arrange to meet them at some public place hoping they will show up. I’m always amazed at the number of complaints I see on my Facebook page from people who sold something on the BST site to people who never showed up to pick up their items. And, to make things worse, there are the occasional stories of people who showed up to meet someone only to be robbed or have even worse things happen.

While there is work involved in selling items at auctions, a lot of the drama and other problems are avoided. You are working with an auctioneer, a professional who can guide you through the process. You can box everything yourself and deliver them to the auctioneer or, in most cases, arrange for the auctioneer to pick up the items. While the latter option will usually result in additional expenses, many people find the extra cost is more than offset by the time they don’t have to spend doing the work.

The auctioneer will handle the advertising, the posting of pictures, and the actual sale of the items. You will have agreed upfront on what the costs of this service will be. After the sale, you will receive a final settlement which includes the final sale amount of your items and a breakdown of expenses and a check for the amount you have coming. Your items or estate are sold with little effort on your part.

But, can you be sure that you’ll receive top dollar for your items? If you think you will receive what you find people are asking for similar items on E-bay, no you probably won’t get that. In many cases, they don’t either. There’s a big difference between asking price and selling price. That’s true with E-bay and most secondary markets. What you will often find is that some items will sell for less than you had hoped and others brought more than you expected. In most cases, people are pleased with the total sale of their items even if they are disappointed in the selling price of a few of them.

I’ll just mention one more reason to sell at auction in this post. It’s a way to dispose of things you no longer need. After going through all the work trying to sell your items by the methods listed above, you might still be in possession of them. When you put your items for sale at auction, it’s almost certain that they are going to sell. You will no longer have things you don’t want, and you will have something you do want…money.

Contact me if I can be of any service to you.

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