2/17/18 Auction and Absentee Bidding

My first auction of 2018 will be held February 17 at the Venture Out Business Center in Madison, IN. Most of my auctions are held on Tuesday evenings, but this one will be on Saturday. We have a lot of great items to be sold, and we wanted to make it possible for the most people to attend. You can view a partial listing and 120 pictures at auctionzip.com by typing in my ID# 36965. Since I am supposed to receive more items to sell this week from two additional consignors I encourage you to check the site often to see the updated listing and pictures.

I occasionally receive calls from people who do not live in the Madison area asking about absentee bids. I do accept absentee bids and have sold items to people from Nashville, TN to California. The prospective buyer just has to call me indicating the item they want to bid on and their maximum bid.

Absentee bidding is widely accepted and nearly all auctions offer it. However, it’s important to know ahead of time how auctioneers handle your absentee bid. Some will automatically set you in at your maximum price. I do not do that. We agree on your starting price as well as your maximum bid. That ensures that you do not overpay for an item. Some auctioneers will go a percentage over your maximum (say 10%). I also do not do that. Your maximum bid is your maximum bid. If you were willing to go higher you need to tell me in the initial call.

We intend to be much more active in our auction business in 2018. If you have quality items you would like to consign to our next sale, or if you have an entire estate you need to sell, please contact me. I will work hard to get you the best price for your items.

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