Develop your Key Result Areas to achieve your goals

In yesterday’s post I commented on the power of goals and briefly shared how I wrote each of my goals. If you have not read that post I encourage you to go back and read it now.

As I consider each goal I find it helpful to develop a list of action steps that will lead to the achievement of the goal. Often, a goal by itself can look almost impossible. If that is the case we are going to be less likely to work towards achieving it. But, if we can break that goal down into doable steps it appears more likely that we can accomplish the goal. Those steps are essentially short-term goals. Each of them should help lead you achieve the overall goal. Some call these steps action steps. I’ve also heard them called Key Result Areas, and that is usually the term I use. It reminds me that each of these are key to achieving a goal I have in my life.

One year one of my goals was “I will develop new resources that will assist smaller and bivocational churches and the leaders who serve them and present them to our churches, associations, and to outside organizations. At least one new book will be developed by the end of the year.” This goal was important because a significant part of my work was centered on smaller churches in our region, and much of my ministry had been directed towards those churches.

My KRAs for this goal were

  • I have one new book, Heart Disease in the Body of Christ (Working Title) being considered by my publisher.
  • I will complete another book that will be taken from my Doctor of Ministry thesis that examines the benefits of coaching to help bivocational ministers enjoy greater ministry effectiveness.
  • I will lead workshops for various judicatories and denominations and bring back my learnings from those to benefit our region.

At the end of the year each of the KRAs had been accomplished.

  • The book being considered by the publisher was released although under a different name.
  • I did complete the second book which was published by the same publisher the following year.
  • I led several workshops and conferences for various denominational groups around the country as well as for the churches in our own region. This ministry continues yet today as I am scheduled to lead eight such events this year.

Because each of the KRAs were accomplished, the goal was achieved. People often ask how I accomplish as many things as I do. It’s due to having an effective goal setting program, thinking through the goals for possible obstacles, and identifying the steps towards achieving the goals. Again, these goals provide you with focus and clarity. They help you set priorities for how you will invest your time.

You don’t have to achieve your goal today. You only have to work on it today, and you do that by working on the Key Result Areas that will lead to the achievement of the goal. Now, what would you like to accomplish by the end of 2016?



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