Spring is a time of year when many people begin cleaning out their basements, attics, and garages. For those with storage units it might also be a good time to consider cleaning those out, or maybe closing them to save that monthly expense. After all, are you really going to use the items you’ve stored in there?

This is also a time when many think of downsizing. They realize that they have accumulated so much over the years that they really don’t use or need. Many older folks are finding out that their children are often not interested in many of the things their parents have. They begin to wonder how to best dispose of these items.

People also reach a stage in their lives where they just want to downsize. Some friends of mine recently moved into a much smaller home that has no yard and will require very little maintenance. Another couple moved from their three-bedroom home into assisted living this year. Both had to sell much of what they owned to fit into their new, smaller homes.

Of course, the question is how to dispose of things when you are downsizing. Often times, an auction is a good way to quickly sell off those things you no longer need. An auction provides a quick way to sell your items. The auction can either be held on your property or the auctioneer might be able to haul your items to his or her auction center if they have one. Either way, it saves you the time and trouble of trying to have yard sales or trying to sell your items on line, and it allows you to get rid of virtually everything you need to sell.

Many of the auctions I have are the result of people downsizing. My sellers have often been elderly people wanting to dispose of things after learning their children were not interested in having them. One individual called me after getting tired of paying over $100.00 a month for a storage unit filled with items he and his wife would never use. Another family had two storage barns on their property that had been filled over the years with items they no longer needed. They called asking me to sell off those items at auction.

At this point, I must say one thing. Some things you have in storage should just be taken to the dump. Don’t expect an auctioneer to take your trash and try to sell it. You will waste your time and the auctioneer’s. You’ll probably get the stuff back anyway, and a lot of junk at an auction tends to hurt the overall auction.

If you live in the southeast Indiana area and are thinking of selling items at auction as you begin to downsize, contact me. I’ll be glad to discuss your needs and see if I can help you accomplish your goals. As I often say, I can turn the things you don’t want into something you can use…like cash!

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