Success is an inside job

I like to read books that tell the story of people who overcame all odds to become successful. We hear so much negativity these days about how hard it is to get ahead. So many have adopted a victim mentality, and they will quickly blame everyone except themselves for their inability to achieve anything in life.

There is no doubt that some have experienced very negative things in their lives and have much to overcome if they want to succeed, but maturity is becoming responsible for your own future. There’s not a thing a person can do about his or her past, but our futures are in our hands. But, a good future will not happen if we focus on all the reasons we can’t get ahead.

A person doesn’t have to be born rich or have every “advantage” in life to get ahead. You just have to have the want-to. This is the lesson one learns from reading  Creating Success from the Inside Out: Develop the Focus and Strategy to Uncover the Life You Want by Ephren Taylor. Taylor was born to an average family, had an average GPA in high school, and lived a fairly normal childhood. However, his life soon became anything but normal. He launched his first business at 12 and became a millionaire at 16. By the age of 23 he became one of the youngest CEOs to run a publicly traded company. He refused to allow the excuses that many give to hold him back. He tackles these excuses in this book and shows how anyone who wants to can overcome them.

One common excuse people give is that they don’t have the money to get started. Taylor challenges them to start with nothing. His first business was developing 3D video games, and he didn’t own a computer. He began by using the computers at the local library and school. Pretty cleaver for a 12 year old! Throughout the book he shows how people can overcome the obstacles they believe keeps them from getting ahead in life.

Success does first begin in the mind. If you are determined to succeed you will find a way to do so. There will be obstacles to overcome, but this is true of any worthwhile endeavor. You just have to develop such a focus on the goal you want to meet that you refuse to allow anything to stop you from achieving it.

I do encourage you to read this book, especially if you struggle thinking you can never succeed. Taylor shows that anyone with common sense and a desire to succeed can do so.

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