Is making money bad?

Christy Wright is a Dave Ramsey personality who speaks at many of his events. She focuses much of her work on women in business. In a recent blog post she shared that one common problem she encounters among women is the attitude that making money is bad. You can read the post here. It’s very hard to be successful in business if you believe that making money is bad.

For the past few years there has been a misguided belief among some in this country that anyone who makes money is evil. We hear it from politicians and those involved in Occupy Wall Street a few years ago. These people believe that successful business people must be penalized for their hard work through even more excessive taxation.

Most successful small business owners I know are very hard-working, honest people who provide their customers with quality merchandise and service. They support their local Little League teams and contribute to their churches, their schools, and other organizations they believe are doing good things. Small businesses provide jobs to their communities. Any profits they receive is due to their hard work and to the service they provide their customers.

It is a good thing to serve people well as a business person. We need to see the moral virtue of being business people, and we need to recognize that any profit we make is also good. It is that profit that allows us to employ others who can provide for their families through their employment with our business. That profit enables us to provide for our own family’s needs. That profit makes it possible for us to pay taxes that builds roads, provide resources for those less fortunate than us, and provide police and fire protection to keep us all safe. Those profits allow us to be generous givers to churches and other agencies doing good things. So, someone explain to me how making a profit is a bad thing.

A socialist mindset believes that no one should have any more than another. If someone works hard to build a business and earn a profit then under socialism that profit would be taken away and given to others who weren’t willing to work as hard (or at all) so all would be equal. Anyone with even a little common sense can quickly see how that eventually leads to no one doing anything except waiting for their government handout. Oh wait, if no one is working there are no taxes and no handouts to be given. Capitalism is not a perfect system, but it’s better than any other alternative. It is also a more moral system than any other as it rewards risk-taking and hard work.

Do not be ashamed of making money. It is your customer’s way of saying thank you for providing them with quality service and products.

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