High Performing Organization scores

Ken Blanchard shares in his book Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations research that found that high performing organizations (HPO) have six elements that contribute to their success. The researchers gave these elements the acronym of SCORES. These HPO SCORES are

  • S= Shared information and open communication
  • C= Compelling vision
  • O= Ongoing learning
  • R= Relentless focus on customer results
  • E= Energizing systems and structures
  • S= Shared power and high involvement

Blanchard points out that leadership is the engine that drives each of these elements. Unless the leaders make these a priority and keeps the organization’s focus on each of them the organization will not function as well as it can.

Like so many truths, one is tempted to shrug the shoulders and say, “Of course these are needed in successful organizations,” and yet we see so many organizations that lack one or more of these in actual practice. For instance, how many business owners do you know that refuse to share information with their team members? An organization will only be as healthy as the secrets it keeps, and many organizations are rife with secrets. You can ask similar questions about each of these elements, and in fact, Blanchard provides the reader with a list of questions around each of these so you can evaluate how highly your organization ranks in each of them.

As a leader I like the intentionality SCORES provides to the head of an organization. Whether you are the owner of a small business, the pastor of a church, the head of a school, or in charge of any other organization, at the end of the day you can evaluate how well your organization did in each of these areas. How well did communication occur throughout the organization? Did you live into your vision today? What did you and your team learn? What kind of feedback did you receive from your customers? Are your systems energizing your team or are them creating unnecessary barriers to them doing their jobs? Are you developing your leaders and sharing responsibilities with them?

Asking these kinds of questions will give you a quick look at how your organization is doing and if there are areas that need improvement. Periodically, you can bring your team in to help you evaluate the organization by asking for their input on how well each of these elements are happening.

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