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Making money at auctions

  I enjoyed going to auctions so much a few years ago I got my auctioneer license and began conducting my own auctions. Whether you are sitting on the block conducting the auction or sitting in the crowd auctions are fun, fast-paced, and … Continue reading

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The smartest people are not always right

How many times have people burst your balloon? You have a great idea (in your mind), but when you share it with others you’re given all the reasons why it won’t work. Proverbs 11:14 tells us that “In the multitude … Continue reading

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Make better decisions

I just finished reading Decision Points by George W. Bush. It was an interesting look at his eight year presidency through his own eyes. He didn’t attempt to cover all the events that occurred during this time but wanted to show … Continue reading

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Focus on what you can control

Time is always in short supply. This is true for everyone and especially those in leadership positions. So many things demand our attention. At the end of the day we often feel like a stray dog at a whistler’s convention. … Continue reading

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Are you ready for a coach?

Many large corporations provide an executive coach for their top tier management.  They understand the return-on-investment for coaching is huge.  A study in Michigan a few years ago of sales managers who hired coaches found a 10:1 ROI in less … Continue reading

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You must first develop the leader within you

In my e-book Mistakes: Avoiding the Wrong Decisions that Will Close Your Small Business I discuss numerous mistakes I made running our small company.  Although I learned a lot from those mistakes, there were enough of them that they eventually … Continue reading

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You need a great team

I believe it was John Maxwell I first heard say that if your dream is too small for a team your dream is too small.  Many small businesses began as a one-person show, but eventually the owner of a one-person … Continue reading

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Focus on the needs of others

Zig Ziglar was well known as one of the top motivational speakers in America. One statement I heard him make at every seminar I attended was “You can have anything in life you want if you help enough other people … Continue reading

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High Performing Organization scores

Ken Blanchard shares in his book Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations research that found that high performing organizations (HPO) have six elements that contribute to their success. The researchers … Continue reading

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Auction coming February 9

I have rescheduled the auction I canceled in January due to the weather for February 9. We’ve been able to add more quality items for this sale so you do not want to miss this auction. The auction will be … Continue reading

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