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A follow-up to starting slow

In yesterday’s post I encouraged people to move slowly if they are considering leaving a current job to begin something new and to move slowly once they begin a new business or career. My own experience has proven this to … Continue reading

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It’s OK to start slow

One question many entrepreneurs ask is about how they can know when it’s time to leave their current job to pursue their dream. They have a great idea for a new business or career but feel trapped in their 9-5 … Continue reading

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January 12 auction

I have a great consignment auction coming up on January 12. It features several vintage items and some beautiful glassware as well as furniture, tools, collectibles, and household items. The auction will be held at the Venture Out Business Center … Continue reading

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Cash is king

Making a profit is important for a small business. If you lose money long¬†enough¬†you’ll eventually have to shut your doors. Many small business owners do a decent job of watching their P&L statements, but some neglect something else that is … Continue reading

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People are the key to your success

Whenever I lead a conference or workshop for small church leaders I remind them that the key to having a successful ministry is their ability to have a good relationship with people. Everything in a small church revolves around relationships. … Continue reading

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