I want to thank you for visiting this site. Bickers Auction Service LLC is committed to providing our sellers and buyers with the best auction experience we can. We work very hard to make every auction successful for everyone involved.

After retiring from 35 years of pastoral and denominational ministry I began conducting auctions as a way to continue to serve people. I enjoy attending auctions and conducting auctions, and I think that enjoyment comes out in my auctions.

We are blessed to have excellent people working our auctions. Some have been in the auction business for many years while others began by working with me.

Our auctions are fun and fast paced. Many who attend our auctions have told me they enjoy coming to mine because they have such a good time.

We can do auctions on-site or at the Venture Out Business Center in Madison, IN. We offer hauling if that is needed.

If you want to know more about us and the buying and selling at auction, please click on the appropriate links above. You can also read my blog posts by clicking on blog above.

If we serve you please call us at 812-265-5271.

We are licensed in Indiana, AU 11300001 and Kentucky, 25931.

Be sure to follow us to keep up with future blog posts and auction listings! Just click on the button in the right column! Thank you!


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